Security Solutions

CCTV systems

We provide advanced camera-based surveillance systems for marine and oil and gas installations worldwide (All types of cameras available in the market such as fixed, PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom), indoor, outdoor, explosion proof, or thermal cameras with wash and wipe option if desired).

Access Control Systems

With our solutions, you will have the facility to link access to individuals or user groups. Whether you require this for accommodation security or to limit numbers to an area, it is an effective way to protect your assets and reduce risk. Our access control systems uses our adaptable RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology combined with high end electronic locks (including ATEX certified access control systems). It is extremely flexible and will integrate into other systems including flight management, gangway control and electronic muster control systems.

Radar / ECDIS

We are your partner in the canary islands, to perform typical maintenance for most of the offshore market manufacturers (Furuno, Sam Electronics, Ratheon Anschütz,…). We can deal with magnetron or belt replacement and ECDIS upgrade.

Integrated monitoring systems

 Surveillance and security are extremely important on these sites and this all-in-one solution will make it as easy as possible to constantly monitor traffic in the area. Considering risks of collisions, potential piracy and bad weather conditions, our solution will allow you to fully monitor an entire area around your oil rig. Long-distance approaching threats from pirates, terrorists or out of control vessels near shipping lanes can be identified by our radar system. This provides the time needed to prepare and call for action if needed.

Global security assessment

To complete our offer in terms of Security, our expert team is ready to review your offshore security measures before sailing in dangerous waters (barb wire protection, lockdown strategy implementation…). We can also perform citadel and safe haven audit to give you the best recommendations.