Our vision

TECHfirm Canarias has been created out of the experience of Oil and Gas telecom experts who have years of offshore experience worldwide. They have worked on many different oil fields, with many contractors and many oil companies, including major ones.

Today, the offshore industry is changing under the influence of a tough context. Cost optimization is everywhere. Lean management has progressed towards areas it had never accessed before. In order to be able to face all type of uncertainty, flexibility has become a key word for all service providers. On the other hand, technical standards have never been so demanding. Their implementation, accordingly, requires a faultless level of service.

At TECHfirm Canarias, we believe this context is a chance. A chance to move towards a new offshore industry that embraces the features of its century. Every single day brings new examples of this: it is possible to deliver a high level of service in a cost-effective way. Not only is it possible, it is also great news. It means resources are allocated more efficiently and we all tend towards this goal.

If one place makes this new way to do business possible, it’s Canary Islands. With perfect location and with yards that are in place, more and more ships are coming in and service providers are settling.

Yes, something is happening here: Canary Islands are now the place to be for our industry!