Operational Solutions

Dynamic Positioning systems maintenance (DP)

Dynamic Positioning technology enables a vessel to maintain its position and heading using sophisticated positioning systems and other sensors as well as its own thrusters and propellers. It facilitates work in deeper waters than vessels using anchors or jack-ups can achieve and is widely used in the offshore oil and gas, renewable energy, cable-lay and related industries. The cumulative experience of our consultants can help you to ensure safe and efficient operations. We are ready to support you with the most common systems of the Offshore industry (Kongsberg Maritime, Converteam, Beier IVCR 4000, …).


VHF - UHF solutions

Two-way radios are the go-to technology for companies around the world – connecting people wherever they need clear, instant and reliable communications. Take all the benefits of push-to-talk communications to improve productivity, efficiency and safety onboard. We provide specialized products for potentially explosive areas.

Cyber Security

 « A hacker managed to tilt a floating oil rig to one side off the coast of Africa forcing it to shut down.  It took over a week to identify the cause and fix the issue. » April 23th 2014, Reuters. « Hackers recently shut down a floating oil rig by tilting it, while another rig was so riddled with computer malware that it took 19 days to make it seaworthy again. » April 23th 2014, Reuters. Our expert team can assist you to create or improve your cyber security policy.

General telecom Services

Our cabling team can assist you to re-arrange your telecom/IT room onboard and review or upgrade your cabling infrastructure to allow an easier maintenance when offshore.


Welfare solutions for the crew

Spending several months offshore, the crews need access to the internet, banking interfaces, Social Media and instant messaging web services. To assist you in your recruitment and retention of existing employees we designed easy solutions to keep your crew happy in terms of Internet Access. We also have solutions to implement IPTV with VOD services and GSM systems.